Greetings in Christ,

You may have noticed that our Youth helped us this last week with ushering. It was not hard to do, pass out bulletins at the beginning of church and pass the plate during the collection. Maybe you have thought I wish I could have a way to serve during the service sometime. Well, here is your opportunity. We are looking for groups of people, families, or friends to help with ushering each week. Kids are welcome to help parents or grandparents with this task.

Sign-up is easy. Click the link below and find a Sunday in May or June that will work for you. If you cannot get this to work contact the church office and we can add you to a Sunday. We hope you will consider serving our church in this fashion. Further instruction will come on the Sunday you serve and/or someone will contact you beforehand. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor or the church office.

Sunday Moring Fellowship

Have you noticed how nice it is to have a cup of coffee while sitting in Bible Study? Each week there is an opportunity to serve in a simple way at church, making coffee for Bible Study on Sunday Mornings. If you think this might be a way you can help, please consider signing up via the link below and signing up for a Sunday.